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Since a couple of years Beek has been engaged with the producing and supplying of high-quality agriculture products.In 2017 the firm continued under the name Beek-Agri.Our products score high at the fields of insulating value,sustainability and air density.We at Beek-Agri consider the welfare of animals as an important factor while developing and producing our products.

Beek-Agri supplies black out ridges windows for pitched roof surfaces.Blackout ridges windows help to reach up to 3% natural incidence of light Our windows can be applied in new development as well in renovation housing.We work with one type of insulated window which comes in two sizes and fits all agricultural housing.

The pop-hole doors interior wall can be produced insulated as well as non insulated. On top of that, there is a more transparent version for daylight entering available.The pop-hole doors can be opened and closed by means of a motor driven pipe.

Mounting pop-hole doors are applied in the exterior wall of the pop-hole doors and often in combination with a perforation sheet pilling wall.Our pop-hole doors are a good and solid alternative for fixed windbreak nets. The mounting pop-hole doors can be opened as well by means of a motor driven pipe and can be used in new development as well as in existing housing.

Aluminium separators with thermally galvanized gauze are usually applied with a complete wintergarden construction.Thes custom fit separators can be produced on request.

Would you like to have more information about products from Beek-Agri or our manufacturing process?Take a look at one of our brochures!

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