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Coatings for optimum hygiene in your poultry farm
Hygiene is of the utmost importance for poultry farming. For the welfare of animals and humans and for the prevention of irresponsible, unhygienic and possibly even dangerous situations. We specialize in optimizing hygiene by placing wall and floor coatings so that you can prevent infections and diseases.

Prevent business and financial damage
Examples from the past have shown that diseases and infestations of your poultry can cause very serious business and financial damage. Through adequate prevention and solutions you keep your business and poultry healthy. Choosing our solutions does not only mean extra hygiene, but also benefits from durability and maintenance friendliness.

You benefit from important advantages:
Less water usage: easier removal of dirt

Less labor costs: faster cleaning done

Lower energy consumption: easier compartments drying

Faster start again: shorter drying time of compartments

No infection pressure of the underlying concrete

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