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Update May 7, 2020, 11:00 am: The current measures from the Dutch government mean that all events in the Netherlands may not take place until 1 September. Although Dutch Poultry Expo is not during this period, we would like to keep you informed of the latest developments. We assume that the 1.5 meter society will remain the norm (for the time being). This has major consequences for the way we design fairs and events. The starting point is that Dutch Poultry Expo is safe, and that everyone feels safe. We are therefore working on making Dutch Poultry Expo corona-proof. In the coming period we will regularly post updates about the latest developments. Herewith a second update.

First of all: why is it so important to let the exhibition go through?
“The role of an exhibition is very important in many ways, for example from the economic aspect. Especially for our exhibitors and visitors. There are industries that realize up to 40 percent of their annual turnover on exhibitions. A fair is also indispensable for other service providers, such as stand builders. In addition, the local and regional economy also benefits when an exhibition takes place, such as hotels, taxi services and restaurants.”

How are you going to make Dutch Poultry Expo corona-proof?
“That is of course the key question for all of us. At the moment we cannot yet fully answer that, but we are busy adapting the event to the 1.5 meter society. The starting point is that the health and safety of everyone involved has the highest priority.”

But what should I consider?
“Consider, for example, introducing so-called ‘time slots’. This would mean that visitors would register for a specific time slot, possibly extending the opening hours if necessary and possible. The advantage of working in time slots is that everyone gets the time and space to talk to each other in a safe way.”

And what other adjustments could be made?
“For example, an expansion of the entire exhibition layout, such as wider aisles, creating more space in places where previously were busy visitor flows and an adapted layout of the knowledge theaters. These are points that we will consider in the near future. We can imagine that a possible extension of the aisles raises the question among exhibitors that this is at the expense of their stand. We would like to clarify this immediately: this will not be the case. If we apply an extension of the exhibition layout so that the exhibition is safe for everyone, it will not be at the expense of the exhibitors’ stand area.”

Do you also adjust the catering?
“We are currently also mapping that. There is a real possibility that, for example, all food will be offered pre-packed. In addition, all existing corona measures, such as a 1.5-meter distance, also apply here. These distances are made clearly visible, as we already see at supermarkets and other shops, for example.”

And what about the Smart Badge technology?
“This tool has already been widely used at our exhibitions. Every visitor receives a so-called Smart Badge upon entry, of course according to the guidelines of the RIVM. With this badge the visitor can scan the information on the stands of exhibitors. After the exhibition visit, the visitor receives an email with an overview of all exhibitors that he or she has scanned. As a result, the physical business cards, folders etc. disappear. So environmentally friendly and also completely corona-proof.”

When can we expect the other changes?
“As mentioned, we are currently very busy making our exhibitions corona-proof. As soon as changes are final, we will communicate this directly with you. We are committed to ensuring the safety and health of all concerned. Easyfairs offers the safest place to meet!”

When will I know if the exhibition will go ahead?
“That is very difficult to say. In any case, we will do everything we can to organize the fair safely, so that the fair can continue in a responsible manner. We also feel supported in this by our trade association CLC-Vecta, which is also committed to organizing trade fairs in a responsible manner. In addition, a widely supported initiative has been launched: www.veilignaardevakbeurs.nl. In addition, lobbying has started to obtain permits and guidelines as soon as possible. The result is the protocol “Safe organization of and participation in business meetings”, which is supported industry-wide and has now been submitted to the employers’ organization VNO-NCW and subsequently to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In short: we are hopeful that trade fairs will take place from this autumn according to the 1.5 meter society. At the same time, we also depend on the actuality and development of the corona virus. The measures from the Dutch government currently apply until 1 September. Of course we follow these developments closely. In the meantime, we will keep you regularly informed via our website, social media and newsletters.”

Are you available in the meantime?
“Yes, we are easily accessible. Not only for questions, but also for an informal chat. Do not hesitate to contact one of our colleagues. We are happy to help you!”

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Update March 24, 2020: We are shocked by the extension of the measure announced by the government in the press conference of 23 March and we think it is important to stay in touch with our exhibitors and visitors about the consequences for Dutch Poultry Expo. In the press conference of 23 March, the Dutch government announced that all meetings in the Netherlands will be banned until 1 June. Although Dutch Poultry Expo does not fall during this period after the move, we closely monitor developments.

In these uncertain times, we hope you understand we do not have all the answers yet. We are currently working hard behind to scenes to assess our options, and we are looking at various scenarios. First and foremost, we are hopeful that the current measures are working for everyone. The health of the population is a priority and we will certainly take this into account when developing our backup plan. We ask for your understanding and patience while we coordinate and align efforts during these exceptional times. We will contact you as soon as an update or any information on the Dutch Poultry Expo 2020 is available.

Update March 2, 2020: The trade show Dutch Poultry Expo will continue as usual. We closely follow the developments around the corona virus and follow the advice of the Dutch government and specialized agencies such as the RIVM and the GGD. There is currently no reason to cancel the event or move it to a later moment.

Update February 25, 2020: As a trade fair organizer, Easyfairs has taken a number of light preventive measures with regard to the corona virus. These precautions include more intensive toilet cleaning during the opening days and the placement of disinfectant gel at various locations. We take these preventative measures, because the well-being and safety of our customers, visitors, exhibitors, employees and other people present are paramount. We are also in close contact with specialized bodies, including RIVM and GGD. Furthermore, we are not currently taking any additional actions, but we are keeping a close eye on current events.

In addition, we advise our customers, visitors, exhibitors, employees and other attendees the following:

• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or disinfectant gel

• Cover the nose and mouth with tissues or the inside of your elbow when you cough or have to sneeze

• Avoid contact with people who have flu symptoms

• We advise visitors to use the smart badge * instead of shaking hands

* Every visitor receives a badge upon arrival in which a special chip is incorporated: the smart badge. With this badge the visitor can scan the information on the stands of the exhibitors. After the exhibition visit, the visitor receives an e-mail with an overview of all exhibitors he or she scanned. We use hostesses during our trade fairs and events that will help visitors to use the smart badge.

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