Optimal hygiene:
* Swii’Flo™ provides always fresh clean water to all birds.
* A reusable disc filter on the water panel guards the high water quality and prevents the formation of a biofilm.
* The double sealed nipples and the carefully designed drip cups and breather unit avoid leakage thus keeping
the litter in optimal condition.
* Easy, thorough flushing and precise administration of vaccines or medications by means of the exclusive Roxell-flush controller.

Superior animal welfare:
* The one-armed drip cup offers plenty of space to the birds to reach the nipple.
* All Swii’Flo™ parts are designed to minimize any risk of injury.

Easy maintenance:
* Swii’Flo™ is made of strong and durable materials to resist to all commonly used cleansing products and forceful flushing.
* Simple and easy cleaning of the reusable disc filter.

A complete nipple drinker range:
* Swii’Flo™ includes a whole range of drinking nipples that respond specifically to broilers, broiler breeders and layers.



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