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Experts bring you up to date on topics such as sustainability, the labour market and sales, as well as the latest trends and developments. Topics that are genuinely useful to you as a poultry farmer, agricultural staff, veterinarian or student. Work is currently being done on the program for 2021. Keep an eye on the website. 

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Dutch Poultry Expo edition 2020 has expired until 2021 due to the corona virus. Below you can find the program of edition 2020.

Program 2020

  • Visit the opening congress of Servé Hermans ‘the society and us’. 

  • Cooking Square, come and have a taste, and be inspired by the chicken dishes prepared by our chef Hans Lieverse.

  • Visit one of the knowledge sessions in the ‘Pluimveeweb-kennistheater’

Day 1: Tuesday 9 June 2020

Opening congress with keynote speaker Servé Hermans.

Ilse de Jonge, Avecur Animal Health Support

Knowledge session in German about ‘Datamanagement’

Day 2: Tuesday 10 june 2020

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